At Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control, we recognize that one of the major factors in having a beautiful landscape is having proper Irrigation Coverage. Many homeowners cannot be bothered with the tedious task of checking and adjusting their irrigation coverage and repairing damaged rotors, and pop-ups.

Let Luv-A-Lawn help you with…

1. Irrigation Inspections

$60 bi-monthly for 1-4 zones

$80 bi-monthly for 5-8 zones

$110 bi-monthly for 9-12 zones

$150 bi-monthly for 13-15 zones

$20 additional per zone  bi-monthly for 16+ zones

Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control will “Tailor” your Irrigation Inspection schedule to meet your property’s needs. In some cases your property may require “Monthly Inspections” or “Quarterly Inspections” (most common). We can also provide Annual and Semi-Annual Inspections… During our inspections we will perform any adjustments needed, check your coverage, and check your timer, your timer’s settings and make any changes needed. Should any upgrades or repairs be required, we will provide you with a “written estimate” at the time of the inspection.

2. Irrigation Repairs

A property’s Irrigation requirements change over time and in many cases upgrades and repairs become necessary. Many times, your landscape out-grows the original irrigation systems capabilities. Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control can upgrade your system and repair most common issues with irrigation systems, from repairing leaks, to replacing valves, pop-ups, rotors and timers. We will get your irrigation in tip-top shape providing your property with the best coverage available.

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