I just signed up for Pest Control with your company. I was hesitant at first because I am on a budget. But many people in our Neighborhood App recommended your company so I thought I would give it a try. Pablo Garcia came and met with me and discussed options. He was professional and he understood what I was looking for and told me exactly what I would be getting for the service. He addressed each of my questions and made it very easy. Also, he was 5 minutes early, which I appreciated. He was able to schedule our first service within a couple of days. We had the first treatment yesterday and already the biggest problem (ants) is gone.
I just wanted to thank you for giving me exactly what I asked for. It is really appreciated. I appreciated Pablo’s professionalism too!
Thank you!


I read good things about your company online.
I called and quickly got confirmed for an appointment.
David Torres, came out and signed me up for a year of service.
Pedro Ruiz came out and did the first inside treatment for bugs and was very efficient.
Nest Kip Wessel came out the next day and did the first yard service and was happy to have us as new customers. So, far I have been very impressed.
Keep up the good work!


Good afternoon,
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to your company. I am a new customer and have been happy so far with the service. I will need a little more follow up but am confident that all will continue to go smoothly. I wanted to specifically call out Mike Camelin as the service representative that came to assess and discuss the services needed. What a great asset to your company.

Thank you again,


We are extremely happy with our service from Luv A Lawn. Your employees attention to detail and quick response is second to none. I’m not the smartest guy on the planet, but  at 74 years old and having had a business with 266 employees, have seen a lot. Your the best. Thank you
Mr. Valentine:
My apologies for the late notes. I just wanted to say thank you for the service and for the appreciation for our military service. I talked to Jake Mendez last month but with all the stuff related to the hurricane forgot to send you these lines at the moment. I wanted to express thanks to Jake. He was here at my home at the time scheduled, very important in my eyes. He then started to explain to me the process of the service for my lawn. Very professional and very knowledgeable. One thing i like to point out is his attitude regarding his profession, LOVED IT.
You know when someone really loves what he or she is doing by the way the person does a presentation about the product is offering. I was very pleased the way he explained how your product/service you are offering will benefit my property the future outcome. I can tell you Jake surely demonstrated passion for what he does and knowledge of the service. He explained to me and my wife how the product was going to work and answered any concerns we had. As a retired Marine and former recruiter in the Marines i can say i was and i am very satisfied by the presentation of Jake, the passion and the professionalism he brought to my house. Thank you very much and look forward for the results of the service

An Asset

We wanted to say that Jake Mendez is an asset to your company.  We had signed up with Luv A Lawn three years ago and then made the mistake of trying a new company.  We were with the new folks for one year and decided to get back with you. It was unusual to see the same person treating our lawn more than once; the results showed the lack of training!   It was great to see the same person, Jake Mendez , that we signed up with three years ago.  He is knowledgeable and very good at what he does. We are happy to be back with Luv A Lawn and suggest that it is the best company in Central Florida.

Thanks for your continued great service,
Jim and Jean Love


Good evening:

I wanted to take time to let you know how impressed I am with your service consultant Mike Camelin. The first time someone takes time to look at my sprinkler system to make sure it’s working proficiently, and made recommendations on how to improve them. Not only that but the fact that he stuck his hand in the dirt and grass to look for the root of the problem really impressed me. I expressed how important it was for me to get started as soon as possible and the technician was there the very next day.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you,
Randy Franco

Highly Recommend Your Company

Will Opitz, our grass cutter, recently recommended your company with very high praise. He told me he would have someone call me from your company. Your representative Anthony followed up quickly as well as making himself available to come to our house that afternoon.

Anthony is quite a gentleman and followed all the good qualities of selling without being pushy. My wife told him I would look over the proposal and contact him in a couple of hours. In hour three, he called to follow up to see if I had any questions or concerns. After my call to him today with some questions, he answered all to my satisfaction and was by within the hour to pick up the signed contract and the first month’s payment.

Obviously, a person we would all wished worked for our company and you are fortunate to have him working for you. A real KEEPER. I am confident we will be happy with your service and will highly recommend your company to our neighbors and others in need of your service.

Best Wishes for the continued growth of your fine company.

Peter Bruno


Hi Joe,

My name is Scott. I am a new customer with Luv-A-Lawn. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know I am very impressed with everyone from your organization that I have come in contact with so far. Chase was the first person I met who walked me through all of the services and pricing. He was very patient and professional and gave me all of the options. Next I met Mike who did our irrigation survey. He also walked me through all of the steps and had us back up and running very quickly. These days I have had more than my share of vendors saying they will come at a certain time then arriving late or not at all. I am so glad to finally find a company that shows up when they say they are going to and keeping in contact with me about next steps. This is more important to me than the cost of the service.

Your company has excellent customer service and that is hard to find these days. I can’t wait to see how my new lawn looks over the next few months.

Thank you again!!!


Wonderful Customer Service

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing in regards to the wonderful customer service your employees have been able to provide us. Michael Parks, Jordan and Iris Irizarry are a tremendous asset to your company. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. We value your company by your employees. Lav-a-Lawn have been providing us service for the past 2 years and we are very happy with the service provided. For as long as we own our home Luv-a-Lawn will continue to be our providers. Thank You very Much and keep up the great work.

Mr A Toro

A happy Customer

“Atta boy!”


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your services!! I am super impressed! The yard looks awesome and I always get compliments since you guys took over. I’m sure in your business, you don’t get enough “atta boys”. So I just wanted to give y’all an “atta boy” and let you know you are doing a great job and I appreciate it!! THANK YOU! Also, I’m really glad I saw that I needed to pay you and did that before I was overdue on my account. Then it would have just looked like I was sucking up trying to get you to forget about the fact that I forgot to pay. Y’all have a great week and again, thank you!!

Saint Cloud


I’m a relatively new customer to Luv A Lawn. I just wanted to share with you a good experience I received today. Too often we in customer service oriented businesses hear the complaints and not the compliments. So when I have a good experience I try to let the people at the top know the positives their representatives display.

Today, I contacted Cindy at the office to find out the schedule of my next service. I knew it was upcoming. Cindy and I have spoken in the past and today was just as pleasant as the previous. She informed me that as luck would have it, my yard and my son’s (I also brought my son’s property to your company when I joined up) were scheduled for service today. I told her the reason I was calling was to convey observations of weed growth beginning and wanted to alert the field personnel to be aware of that so they could address it on the service call.

I asked if she knew when they might arrive since I knew where to point them so they could treat the weeds without having to waste a lot of time looking over the entire property.Cindy was most helpful with this. She took my number, contacted the work crew and called me back. She said that they would be arriving at my residence approximately 30 minutes later and informed them of my observations. I said that gave me enough time to get home and meet with them.
Almost exactly to the minute, the truck showed up. Mike came and greeted me with a pleasant attitude and I proceeded to show him the areas that had some weeds trying to take hold. He informed me about what today’s service was to have and that the weeds would be spot treated. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of his assistant who was already walking the property spraying for weeds. Both were cordial and did their work and when leaving even tooted the horn and waved good bye.

I know that Cindy and Mike were just doing their job. However in this day and age when customer service doesn’t seem to include much sincerity, these two were exemplary in their interactions with me.
You have good people working for you. No wonder I see more and more of your company’s yard stakes as I drive around.

Ralph Knothe
Saint Cloud

Keep up the good customer service!


Hi, name is Mr. Fackelman I live at 13938 Smokerise Ct Orlando Fl, 32832. I am very pleased with the service that I received with your company. It has been only two Month and I see a big difference in the quality of my lawn. I have spoke to your service guy John twice and he has been nothing but helpful and knowledgeable every time I have approached him. John’s responses have been positive and can do not putting blame on anyone like the past company’s I have had. I have talked to Dillion as well he’s gone over and beyond to accommodate me with answers to everyone of my questions. I received a flyer along with your service bill about home pest control and as soon as Dillion gives me a quote I am looking forward to changing over to your company. What ever you are doing keep up the good customer service because it seems like most company’s have forgot what good customer services is. Thanks for your service and I will be telling people about your great customer service.


Jaw Dropping Service!

I write to you Joe as a new customer to let you know that your team has provided superb quality service. I recently switched from a national company and what you provide in service does not compare ever!!

Mike did my first lawn treatment and although I was not here from his report he did what I expected. Today, I got my initial pest control service with David Torres and it was jaw dropping! He was very detailed and covered every area in and out. Trying to be cheap with product usage was not an option. David which I have met is super cool nice person.

Please reward Mike and David for their tremendous good service. I look forward to many years with you as a customer.

Have an awesome day!
Benny S.

Compliments, Well-deserved

Dear Joe,

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with 4 of your staff. Your workers, couldn’t have been more professional and courteous in speaking to me….even their attire was so professional looking.

We have a winter home in Kissimmee Bay and have had Luv-A-Lawn fertilizing our yard for the past 21 months. Our grass is so green and lush WITHOUT weeds. It’s the best it has looked in a long time.

Being absentee owners is difficult, at times, as we have to depend on the service people to do a good job without our ‘watchful eye’. AND your young men have done a great job in our absence.
Too often compliments are not given when deserved. These 4 young men deserve being complimented along with you, Joe, for hiring them.
Thank you for being so attentive. We look forward to continued good service and a long working relationship.

Judy & Bob Rebich

Consistent Service

Thank you for the continued good service. Our lawn has never looked so good through the winter. It’s just a pity that we are not here in the summer to see it in all it’s glory after your care.


Service Like No Other

We used Joe Valentine Lawn service when it was “Valentine’s Lawn & Shrub Care”. When he sold this company, we went through several other companies and never were satisfied with the service. Thank God Joe is back with Luv-A-Lawn Pest Management service and our grass & shrubs look great!

Mike & Lilly Ballantine
Residents of Kissimmee Bay Country Club

Long Term Care

I have been a customer of Luv-A-Lawn Pest Management, Inc. for approximately 10 years. The owner, Joey Valentine, has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the care of grass and shrubs. Joey is a hands on person and always answers his phone when customers call him. I have had 3 other pest control companies in the past that have serviced my lawn and shrubs. It seemed as though every time I had an issue with my lawn or shrubs, It would always take 2 to 3 weeks for the other companies to respond to my house, in order to fix the problem. By that time, the lawn or shrubs were really stressed out. When I call Joey, which is not very often, he always has a team at my house within 1 to 2 days to talk to me.

Also, the other companies that I previously used did not put very much product down and I always had problems with my lawn, i.e chinch bugs and bad discoloration. Just knowing that Luv-a-Lawn Pest Management, Inc. is treating my grass and shrubs gives me one less thing to worry about, because I know I won’t have any problems.

I have also referred approximately 20 to 30 of my friends to Luv-A-Lawn Pest Management, Inc. over the past few years and I have not heard any complaints from those people. If you want the best looking and healthiest grass and shrubs in town, call Luv-A-Lawn Pest Management, Inc. and speak to Joey Valentine.

Jay Morgan
Saint Cloud, Fl

Good People

Dear Joe,

Today there was another specialty added to the Luv-a-Lawn services, road side assistance. Two Luv-A-Lawn workers took time out of there route to assist me in changing my tire.

It was between 7:30 and 8:00am, I hit something on highway 192 near the corner of Partin Settlement, where there is construction going on for the new Publix. After making it to my daughters’ school, I tried to drive to the closest tire place, I know, on fortune road. The tire started to shred so I pulled over. I tried to change the tire myself but I was not strong enough to get the lug nuts off the wheels. I waited hoping someone would come and help, about 45 minute later, they pulled up asking if I needed help. It was not a 1,2,3 change and go, we had to move the car to the pavement because there were issues with the jack.

They really saved the day, with a smile on their faces and kindness in their hearts. I am so grateful to them. My day did not turn out horrible I actually had lots of blessing that day starting with them. Thanks Guys you are simply the best and truly heaven sent.

Thank you again,
Ronette Shelton

Professional, Quick Service

Certainly appreciate the excellent service you provided today at 1815 Brown Street. Your response time was immediate and was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the additional information re. lawn care.
Trust the application today will do the trick in eliminating the infestation.

Again Thank You,

Bob Olson

Deal better the the other 2 lawn services

Dear Joe, my name is Paula Orban, I live in Turtle Creek Sub. My neighbor use to be Jake Mendez many years ago. I know the integrity he has, I just met Mariana S. his trainee. I’m very happy to part of the Luv-A-Lawn family. Both were very professional and gave me a good deal, better than the two other lawn services. I’m on social security disability so my monthly income is tight. I’m hopping to get at least 2 to 3 more neighbors on board. Please let me know of any promotions or discounts your business may have that I any eligible for. Thank you for your time.

Yours truly, Paula Orban

New Customer Sign Up

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know we signed up as new customers today. Your representative, Jake, that came by to talk to us and give us pricing was very professional, friendly, and seemed to be well informed of your products and procedures. We have noticed that all of our neighbors who use your service have much nicer lawns than those who don’t including our yard.

We have tried two other services in the last several months and have been unhappy with both of them. We trust that going with your service will make our yard look as nice as the other yards in SawGrass. We look forward to being a new customer.


Wayne and NIecee

Polite and Professional

Mr. Valentine,

My husband and I met Jake Mendez yesterday for a lawn consultation. Jake was polite and professional. He represents Luv –A- Lawn quite well. We look forward to having healthy and plush grass again.


Dawn M—–

Excellent service from the start

I just signed a 1 year contract with your company this morning and thought I would let you know that I think it is great that you give your personal email out to clients. I haven’t dealt with very many companies that would do something like that.

Previously I had xxxxxxx as my lawn care provider and I was very unhappy and had to let them go. Jake showed up early and had my lawn checked out before I even knew he was here. He assured me of the excellent service your company provides and between my happy neighbors and Jake I was very happy to sign up.

I’m looking forward to having a nice lawn again and seeing Jake in the future.