Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Anyone who lives here understands that the question “how to Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes” is one that needs answering. So let’s point out a few things the homeowner can do. That said, it makes sense to simply cut down on the number of places those nasty mosquitoes can breed. Right? Here is a “Bakers Dozen” for you to take care of.

Kiddie Pools – Fun as they may be, under attended kiddie pools will offer mosquitoes an opportunity.

Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Bird Baths – If you are not careful, more than just birds will enjoy themselves here.

Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Buckets – A forgotten bucket will soon be collecting water…which is a bad idea.

Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Leaky Garden Hoses – So the hose is leaking and creating puddles and you know the rest.

Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Tire Swings – Make a few holes in the bottom of that tire to minimize water collection.

Clogged Gutters – Backed up gutters get wet and mosquitoes come to visit.

Rain Barrels – A great idea that can have some unintended consequences if the proper care is not taken.

Wheelbarrows – After doing whatever outdoor work you were up to, don’t let a wheelbarrow start to collect water.

Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes

Open Garbage Cans – Keep that top on and tight folks.

Small Boats on Trailers – All the boaters and fisherman know this sad tale. Water pools up in the boat under the cover with clogged scuppers and ……

Grass & Shrub Cuttings – All that cutting and trimming becomes a major mosquito headache if the work is left around.

Flower Pots – It is hard to think of much bad to say when it comes to a beautiful flower pot, unless water is pooling in there somewhere.

Storm Debris – The best thing about storm debris is that the storm has probably moved on. Don’t let it lay around and breed mosquitoes.

In order to Reduce Central Florida Mosquitoes there is some diligence required by the homeowner. This was a few easy ideas to execute.

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