The New Year is behind us in terms of the parties, but ahead of us in terms of the realities. So now is a good time for a few Osceola Lawn Care Tips. Even in sunny Florida some work needs to be done. So here we go.

1. Please don’t fertilize or weed and feed if you have St. Augustine, Bahia or Zoysia grass lawns.

2. Go ahead and spot kill weeds as you see fit.

3. If you have issues with “brown patch,” apply a fungicide as directed.

4. Pesticides are a bad idea this time of year. Don’t do it!

5. Any applications of iron should be at about half the normal rate.

6. Sowing some annual rye grass might be a good idea to fill in bare spots.

On the other hand, we are here to help. Just “Look for the Red Heart”

Osceola Lawn Care Tips

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