October Pest Control Central Florida needs a bit of special attention. For example, the temperatures will continue to drop with highs being around 84 and lows near 68. It is unlikely we will see any real cold weather until late October into November and then December.

That said, the cooler evenings might cause some Brown Patch Fungus to show up. If there’s very little rainfall then turf and shrubs might start to dry out. The average rainfall in October for the last 10 years is just under 4 inches which is not close to being enough for healthy turf and shrubs.

October Pest Control Central Florida

Most likely, turf will continue to dry out in October if we don’t receive more rainfall than predicted, especially by the afternoon due to wind conditions. It is important that the homeowners of Central Florida be aware of any local dry spots. These areas become very susceptible to drought injury and CHINCH BUGS! 

These are a few of the things that Luv-A-Lawn addresses with all our clients. Let us help you and thanks for reading!

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