Lawn Care

Our Lawn Care Includes Fertilization, Insect, Fungus, Disease and Weed Control and a Special Chinch Bug application in May or June.

6 applications will be performed annually on an “every other month” (EOM) basis.


Applications for the turf will include a combination of the finest “custom blended” granular fertilizers in the Spring and Fall and a combination of micro-nutrients, organic amendments, and liquid fertilizers during the remaining seasons with potash being applied in the winter.


Custom applications will be performed for the prevention and control of turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, fire ants, mole crickets, grubs and fleas. These applications are performed during peak seasons.

Chinch Bug

A special application will be performed in either May or June depending upon when your service falls for the prevention of chinch bug activity and subsequent turf damage. Included in this application is a state-of-the-art, newest technology insecticide, one which is designed to prevent chinch bug activity for 8-12 weeks during the peak egg laying season.

Fungus and Disease

Custom applications will be applied for the prevention and control of certain treatable lawn diseases such as brown patch fungus, grey leaf spot and dollar spot seasonally.

Weed Control

Custom applications will be applied to prevent and control most broadleaf, grassy and sedge weeds seasonally as seasons allow.