Living in Central Florida is a dream come true for many folks. That said, in the middle of all the fun, there is still a list of things that a homeowner might want to know. The Central Florida Grass Types that make up their lawns might make that list.

St. Augustine Grass – This is one of the most popular grass types for both residential and commercial applications. It has a great color and does very well in our Florida heat and humidity. It is shown at the top of this post.

Zoysia Turf – Less common in Central Florida, Zoysia is nevertheless a visual treat to the eye and is very tough in its own right. Most homeowners recognize it by its amazingly soft feel.

Central Florida Grass Types

Zoysia “Emerald” via Wikipedia

Bahia Grass – This is, in many cases, the sod of choice for the Florida homebuilder. As an all-purpose grass, Bahia survives drought well and does not need a  constant fertilization plan.

Bermuda Grass – Well known for being used by golf courses and other sports fields, Bermuda is tough and long-lasting. This is a fine choice for a lawn that will experience high traffic.

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