The Fall time change creates some issues for your Turf and Shrubs. Most of the potential problems  are due to  cooler temperatures and less sunlight, which is typical of this time of year. Central Florida Fall Pest Control becomes an art as much as a science.

Grubs and Fire Ants are now the main insect attractions. In autumn, the sun is further south and therefore the “north sides” of buildings, homes, fences, and any type of wall remains in the “shade” for extended periods of time. This generates moisture issues leading to weed and fungus problems.

Winter Annuals (weeds) such as chickweed, henbit, geranium and clover are prevalent. Due to the shorter days and longer nights, the excess moisture from the natural “Dew Period” takes longer to burn off. This can lead to weed and fungus issues as well. Irrigation in these areas should be adjusted to compensate for the conditions. The average rainfall in October thru December for the last 10 years is just under 4 inches per month. This is not enough to keep turf and shrubs healthy. Watering 2 times per week per zone is recommended.

Fall is also a good time of the year for a well-balanced Granular Fertilizer to prepare turf and shrubs for the coming winter months. This will also help alleviate the stresses associated with the season.
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