This Friday will mark the official start of Winter, such as it may be in Florida. That makes it a very good time to start thinking about the things that need to be done to your lawn. This week our post is: Winter Lawn Care Orlando.
Winter Lawn Care Orlando
The basic idea is to winterize your lawn and shrubs. Here are five simple ideas:
1. Use potassium to strengthen root systems.
2. Prepare your turf for the spring “flush” of growth.
3. Treat the “winter annual” weeds that arrive more or less now.
4. Stay ahead of all your potential insect issues.
5. This is a great time to make sure your irrigation systems is well maintained.
We know that our five suggestions are easier said than done. So why not reach out for some professional help. Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control  has been serving Central Florida for more than  25 years. We are a Full-Service team and the “One Company that Does it All.”