Let’s face it folks. Living in Florida in December isn’t exactly terrible. In fact, that may be the exact reason you are here. However, there are a few downsides. St. Cloud Florida Pest Control issues might be one of them. Let’s talk about that.

St. Cloud Florida Pest Control


Cockroaches: These things are disgusting and pretty terrifying to the new Florida resident. The warm Southern weather puts them in their happy zone. So, please don’t leave food out. Again, if you are a Florida newbie, remember that these guys guys “drive and fly.” So don’t freak out.

Silverfish: This gross creature is very nocturnal. Which means you may not notice them right away. They also are common to urban, moist, and  highly humid environments. Take a look at the top of this post. Yikes.

Ants: Everywhere in America knows ants. However, Florida warmth and, the ensuing casual lifestyles, keep leftover and discarded food around. So put your food up and your eyes open.

Rodents: Rats and mice are the stuff of nightmares. That aside, they also usually carry disease and this is no joke. Their dropping are nasty, nasty, nasty. As they migrate to warmth in winter time, please stay aware.

So what is the Central Florida homeowner to do? Simple. Call a profesional for both deterrence and elimination.
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