Here is what we think about Polk County Florida Pest Control! Polk County includes the communities of Lakeland, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Bartow, etc., with Bartow being the county seat and Lakeland the most populous. A fun fact is that the center of population of Florida is located in Polk County, near the city of Lake Wales. There is also tons of fun to be had for the residents that does not have to include pest control issues.

A few more points of interest on Polk County from Wikipedia: “Winter Haven was once best known as the home of the Cypress Gardens theme park, which operated from 1936 to September 23, 2009. Legoland Florida has since been built on the site of former Cypress Gardens, and has preserved the botanical garden section. Winter Haven was the location of the first Publix supermarket circa 1930; today Publix’s corporate offices are located in Lakeland. Country musician Gram Parsons was from a wealthy family in Winter Haven.”

Polk County Florida Pest Control

via Legoland

Basically, we don’t want people worrying about Polk County Florida Pest Control problems. This should not be on your to do list as a homeowner when there are too many other things to enjoy.

Typically, our Indoor Pest Control plans includes the control of Ants, Silverfish, Roaches, and other household pests. This is key to proper pest control in almost all of  Florida. Four applications will be made including an initial one and then three subsequent visits. This is a nuts and bolts approach to the problem

Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control has been in Central Florida for a long time. Our roots are here. It is really just that simple.

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