Thirty years ago Orlando was a cool place to be. What was not to like? A lively social scene, lots of young people, good schools, great weather, and of course Disney. Fast forward to the present day, and Orlando is all that and more. The University of Central Florida has emerged as a vibrant entity, the airport is a joy for all the international travelers that arrive and depart, and the weather is still a reason to be here all by itself. Given all this “goodness,” the last thing anyone needs to worry about is Orlando Pest Control problems.

Orlando Pest Control

That is where Luv A Lawn comes in. We have been in the Greater Orlando area for over three decades. It is our personal and professional home. We want to make sure our clients and friends in Orlando enjoy all that the community has to offer without worrying about Orlando Pest Control issues. For example, our Indoor Pest Control includes the control of Ants, Silverfish, Roaches and other household pests. This is key to proper pest control in Florida. Four applications will be made including an initial, and three subsequent visits.

We are a Full-Service team; the “One Company that Does it All.” Take a look at the additional locations that we serve and give us a call for an estimate today.