Maitland is one of many pure suburban experiences that surround  Orlando proper. That includes friendly neighborhoods,  a cool arts scene, user friendly corporate areas, a diverse populace, and a certain reverence for the natural life.The residents have a strong community focus and want friendship driven lifestyle. Therefore, Maitland Florida Pest Control is a task we do not take lightly.

Maitland Florida Pest Control

Maitland Art Center

According to the Maitland website, “ Maitland, one of the oldest incorporated municipalities in Central Florida, is a city rich in history. The area was once called Fumecheliga (Musk Mellon Place) by the Seminole Indians before it was established as Fort Maitland in 1838 by the U.S. Army. The fort was named after Captain William Seton Maitland, a hero of the Seminole Wars who, ironically, was never in this area, having died in a battle near Tampa. At that time, the only way of getting to Central Florida was by boat from Jacksonville down the St. Johns River to Fort Mellon (Sanford), then by horse or foot. Fort Maitland was a small fort built on the west shore of Lake Maitland as a rest stop between Fort Mellon and Fort Gatlin (Orlando).”

Given our long history of serving Central Florida, we want to make very sure that our friends and clients in Maitland get the most out of their community.

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