Lake Mary Jane Florida Pest Control problems is not what we want on the minds of our clients and friends that live there. The folks residing in a wonderful Central Florida community, like this one, want to “live the Florida dream” of outdoor recreation and a relaxed lifestyle. They should be able to spend their free time enjoying themselves with family and friends.

Lake Mary Jane Florida Pest Control
According to the all knowing Wikipedia, “Lake Mary Jane is the namesake of the census-dedicated area. It is large body of water that is part of the Lake Hart watershed, which includes nearby Lake Hart, Lake Whippoorwill, and Lake Nona. There are 3 notable parks and nature reserves bordering the lake. Isle of Pine reserve on the south-eastern portion, Moss Park on the western portion, and Split Oak Forest on the south-western. These lakes are interconnected through a series of canals.

Two islands (known as floating islands) exist within the northwest portion of the lake near Moss Park. The northern smaller island, Yoshi Island, and the southern larger island, Bird Island. They are composed of various floating aquatic plants, mud, and peat”

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