Thirty years ago, Central Florida was a much different place. Yes, Disney was still Disney, the weather was just as great, tourists poured through the wonderful airport, and it was, of course, a great place to live. But there were far fewer communities like Horizon West. Small towns that are designed from their inception to be as user friendly as possible. As idyllic as these planned havens are, there are still Horizon West Pest Control issues that must be considered. This is where we come in. Why live in such a perfect place and still worry about these sort of things.

Horizon West Pest Control

courtesy Horizon West

According to some of the Horizon West marketing, when you arrive there “You’ve found the jewel of Central Florida, nestled amongst the lakes of Windermere, the charm of Winter Garden and the magic of the Walt Disney World® Resort! As the fastest growing area in Orange County, thousands of families have moved to the area in the last two years and brand new commercial and community offerings are in development to provide residents with a unique and beautiful place to work, live and play.”

Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control, as we have said before, has been serving Central Florida  for a long time. Our roots are here and we cannot forget that. We are your Full-Service team; the “One Company that Does it All.”

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