The lovely city of Belle Isle is one of many Central Florida cities that are  proximate to a lake or lakes. In this case, that lake is Lake Conway one of the largest bodies of water in Greater Orlando. Belle Isle is also very close to both Orlando International Airport, and the city Orlando, which is a mere five miles to the north. This naturally offers the residents superb recreational and entertainment opportunities. We hope to prevent them from worrying about mundane Belle Isle Pest Control issues.

Belle Isle Florida Pest Control

Lake Conway

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “The Belle Isle area was first inhabited by the Timucua people circa the 9th century. The first organized government of Belle Isle was established in 1924, with C. H. Hoffner as the community’s first mayor. This government lasted until 1928, when it was deactivated. Belle Isle was re-established in 1954, and has been running continuously since.

Since 2003, Belle Isle has run under a council-manager government, with the mayor being a strictly ceremonial position. Seven commissioners are elected to represent their respective districts on the city council. All elected officials serve three year terms without compensation.“

Given our long history of working and serving Central Florida, we want to make very sure that our friends and clients in Belle Isle get the most out of their bucolic hometown.

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